It’s really very simple. It takes insight to improve. And it takes insight to make the right choices. At We are Insight, we produce crucial insights into target groups. This information lays the foundation for our clients’ communication and brand-building. Insight emerges from market surveys customized for the needs, challenges and reality of each client.

Our starting point? The current status of the brand and target group.
Our goal? To help brands and businesses reach their full potential by identifying key insights about target groups.

How does it work? The analysis process begins with qualitative or quantitative market research, usually a combination of both. The survey provides a clear picture of the current situation and, above all, clarifies precisely what produced it. Next comes the analysis. Here, we hone the key insights on which we base our specific recommendations. That’s how it works.

We Are Insight

We Did

Our clients include large groups and small businesses. We provide our clients with in-depth knowledge and specific tools for successful communication and brand-building. In practice, it’s about making your brand as vibrant as possible, your communication as interesting as possible, and your service as relevant as possible for your target group. Contact us and we’ll talk more!

We Did

Magnus Hård


(+46) 705 86 00 06

Magnus has an extensive background as a marketing consultant. In particular, he has worked with different kinds of business development and brand issues. Magnus was marketing manager at ACNielsen Customized Research and CEO and partner at Go/communication.

Martin Medrek

Senior Consultant

(+46) 736 86 00 29

Martin used to work as a consultant at TNS Sifo and as senior consultant at Go/communication. In recent years, Martin has worked with analyses and insights on both B2B and B2C projects. Martin has a degree in marketing communications from Berghs School Of Communication.

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